Provides a platform for civil society organizations and other stakeholders and individuals interested in the improvement of public sector led water and sanitation services to advocate for increased investment in the sector and at the same time ensure that funds allocated to the sector are used efficiently, transparently and accountably.

Provide information to government, donors, non-governmental stakeholders, other funders and the general public on government/donor budgetary allocations to the sector and actual disbursements to implementing agencies to help enhance public expenditure tracking and review of public policies to improve effectiveness.

Promote efficiency, effectiveness and transparency through monitoring and reporting on public project implementation

Provide citizens with a check list for community monitoring of public expenditures in water and sanitation in their local government areas.

The project does this by promoting budget activism and canvassing for a more inclusive budget process through consultation and participation of all stakeholders, and by also demanding accountability by public officials, and transparency in public financial transactions. A key activity of the project is tracking public disbursements which literally involve trailing funds allocated to the sector to the end beneficiary to help improve accountability and the judicial use of public funds.

Apart from reports generated from the tracking, the project also generates reports through research into issues of public interests in the water and sanitation sector for use by government agencies, civil society organizations, non-governmental organizations and other stake holders to advocate for increased investment in the sector.


Program Strategies
3.Training & Capacity Building
4.Public Education
5.Alliance Building