Under this program, GrassRootsAfrica works:

To promote the Rights of women to1.Participate in governmental processes, particularly decision making processes at the Local Government and grassroots level
Information essential to accessing Basic and Essential services such as water, sanitation, health and education
To improve transparency in government business through the active participation of women in the planning, budget and procurement processes
To increase women’s participation in decision-making in matters of natural resource management
To enhance the capacity of women to hold public office holders accountable
To create platforms and opportunities for continuous dialogue between women, government and the private sector for purposes of improving women’s access to public resources

The core element will be to build the capacity of women’s grassroots organizations to understand and pursue Rights-based advocacy aimed at enhancing citizens right to participate in policy planning and implementation (particularly at the local government level) and budget formulation to ensure equitable resource allocation and development. In line with these we work to make Women Rights a key element in governmental processes and legislation and the fulfillment of women’s claims upon the State, an important ingredient for government policy. In doing all these we also emphasize the need for women to be alert and conscious of their civic Responsibilities.

In furtherance of the above we support initiatives aimed at increasing the capacity of women to engage in local and national governance processes and advocate the direct participation of communities in the management of essential services such as water, sanitation, health and education. Through research and knowledge sharing we work also to empower citizens to engage with governments and international institutions for the formulation of appropriate policies that protect and enhance the Human, economic, social and cultural rights of women.

Program Strategies
3.Training & Capacity Building
4.Public Education
5.Alliance Building